We would like to welcome you to the first “State of SnapBlox” blog post. This is the first in a series of posts that will occur every three months and update our customers on the progress of SnapBlox towards its goals, projects, and any new product offerings.

For the next three months the Snapblox team will be focused on updating the portal application on enhancing and improving usability, which involved adding numerous new features, tweaking various existing ones, and adding more subtle changes to make the system simpler & more efficient to use.

Great news, we modified the way our email servers send outbound by adding Google Postini Message Security to filter outbound only messages from SPAM and Viruses. With this new service in place we can help reduce SPAM outbound from our servers and prevent our IP address from being blacklisted.  We can also offer this service inbound to help reduce inbound SPAM and Virus and provide a daily summary of potentially SPAM. Check out to learn more on Inbound and Outbound Message Security Service.

Did you notice our new chat service to contact Sales or Support, this is a new service we are testing out to provide you with a way to contact our departments.  Again to recap we offer a toll free number (866-524-7707), support forms using the portal and now online chat.

If you have any questions please post in the comments or contact your local sales rep.

– Michael